Hexinverter Dual 8-Step Sequencer (DIY)


here’s a new small euro rack sequencer for 2×8 or 16 step use.

 2×8 or 1×16 step analogue sequence modes
– bipolar output mode (on/off)
– two modes of voltage controlled step select (details below)
– forward, reverse, pendulum, random and voltage controlled modes
– each sequence has a reverse input
– sequencer A transpose input for plugging a voltage source (ie: keyboard) into for classic Moog style linear sequencing
– internal or external clocking
– global gate length control (per sequence)
– sequence length control (per sequence)
– global reset button
– reset in per sequence
– run switch per sequence
– run input per sequence

–> hexinverter
– Requires +/-12V supply (or 15V)
– 55mm deep parallel mounted PCBs for easy assembly

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