Korgs Krome and re-issued Microkorgs, XL+ with added PCM sounds

Korg re-released 2 colour Microkorgs, both the XL and the old one – 2 schemes (limited), I don’t know who they want hello kitty micropianos to be sold to outside Japan, but well, it’s there. anyway – 10 years of microkorgs was fun, so also notice the microkey colour edition.
note the new lion/snow leopard / intel editor is up for all of us here

here is some nicely made sample import video on the Korgs Krome..

note that the XL isn’t just as before, it has slightly ADDED ROM sounds! melotron is in now. Microkorg XL+ is therefore the name addition ..

Ten years of Micro -- An introduction to the MicroKorg XL+

a completely new workstation has (de)arrived from the Kronos/Oasys platform with improvements where Kronos was really ugly: the touch screen isn’t an iPad, still but you can enter values now not just touch them to set the value.  the other one is the sequencer which is a piano roll capable sequencer and editing and drawing controller data (by touch) – which was very very necessary since the Kronos Sequencer was and is just less than a toy no one will really use. here’s the sequencer introduction:
KORG KROME Video Manual「4. Sequencer」

but the Krome is more like a classic workstation, so they seem to have removed all the goodness like MS20, MOD7 etc. so this is more to the non synthesists and more the „how’s the piano“-type of musicians. based and focused on sampling. so this one is a sampler or sampling workstation. light 61,73 and 88 keys available – all coming in november 2012, so no analog synths this time, but as a lover of the Microkorgs I am happy to hear they still keep them.

here’s all you need to watch, for synth-guys: the last part of this is about the display and sequencer, the first is just „how good the piano is“. of course all keys sampled.

KORG KROME Introduction Movie

more – but note – you won’t have much fun, it’s images since it’s all in japanese.

KORG KROME Video Manual「1. Introduction」

the edit page – HERE’s what you might want to look at!!

KORG KROME Video Manual「2. Program」

the layering game – stuff is in here

KORG KROME Video Manual「3. Combination」

and there is a software editor as well

KORG KROME Video Manual「5. Global」

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