Mac Pro 8GB RAM

let me show you me enjoying 2 more GB of RAM, which feel good ..
note the processor & RAM board looks very much like a piece of architecture, shall we live here?…
was hard to find those „old“ RAMs that fill the gap, because normally you buy a set of 2×3 or 2×4 with a lot more RAM, but that’s quite pricey, so I went for this one – get 1GB RAM each slot for the 8core Mac Pro – that’s 20€ or so, but you need to keep it PC3 (DDR3) RAM with 1066Mhz with ECC, works..

So ein bisschen mehr RAM ist schon schön, außerdem ..
Diese Processor-Kühlung sieht sehr schön wie Architektur aus, wann ziehen wir ein in diese hypermoderne Doppelhaushälfte?

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