Musikmesse: Korg Workstation Overview ps60 / Microstation

these 2 basically equally structured workstations work the same way, but microstation is more „workstation“ while the ps60 looks a bit more like a „trident“ kind of synth,.. there’s even a 16track sequencer on the microstation.

2 LFOs + Global LFO, not ultrafast, 2 ENVs, 2 OSCs, so it is a nice little workstation small in size but nothing „special“. hmm, nothing? no, it’s smaller! even japanese ppl with just 5qm room might be happy to have a nice neat instrument for „everything“. here’s the menu structure and I show my hands to show YOU the size, especially the 5 oct-mini key Korg Microstation.

Korg PS60
Korg Microstation

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