Novation Automap is at 3.74 now

I skipped some versions from 3.7 – but 3.7 is up now, so there’s lots of bug fixes and it’s more compatible, since I currently got 2 Novation Devices it’s strange, that it still only recognises one of those but realises 2. hmm, let’s try..

they say – reboot before starting it. recently I got some problems with the SL and Live showing the parameter names of plugins like before. will check this out now. Tiger isn’t supported anymore btw. be sure to be on Snow Leopard (Leopard makes no sense at all if you are on Intel btw. it’s all faster and better with Snow Leopard – Lion will follow but kill apps like some older editors etc, so be careful if you are on Macs). PCs: all including XP is still supported.

back checking – works fine – becareful to set your remote settings in preferences menu of the DAW.

MAC Automap-3.7.4.dmg
WIN Automap-3.7.4.exe2010-11-25 00:00:00

Forum: Novation bringt das nächste Automap Update


UPDATE: at 4.4.0 right now – 28.Aug. 2012.

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