Roland D50 @ Plugin / System 8 as well? (& RolandCloud)

UPDATE: D50 wird es nicht als Plugout für das System 8 geben sondern „nur“ als Plugin.
UPDATE: the D50 will not be available as a Plugout for System 8, so it’s „only“ a Plugin.
sorry, but no. But the JX03/ JX3P may still be coming to the System 8.

Roland hat gerade den D50 für die Roland Cloud ausgerufen. Das ist ein exklusives Angebot und für einen kleinen Teil der Software von dort kann man keine Plug-Outs für System 1 und System 8 finden oder erwarten. Nun tauchte aber eine kleine Konversation auf, die den D50 auf dem System 8 erlauben würde. Den und faktisch alles aus der Cloud. Dort gab es AUCH Jupiter 8 und Juno106  wie auf dem System 8 als Rückportierung vor einigen Monaten. – Also fürs System 8 wird das passieren, System 1 eher nicht, da D50 polyphon und Plugouts im System 1 sind monophon. Ich glaube es erst dann 100%, wenn es da ist, zumal das Hüllkurven 5-Segment-System nicht ganz auf das System 8 passen wird. Aber siehe Dialog, „es soll“…

Roland seems to put a lot of effort into their Cloud Synths – one of them being the newly announced D50 which contains 2 Layers of a classic Synth with Ringmod and short Samples – that made it famous in 1987. They also ported the Jupiter 8 and Juno from the System 8 and Boutique Series (JP08  JU06 – not the JX btw so far) into the cloud. So it sounds a lot like they quit to work on the System 8 or Plugout Synths – for the future – I just hope for a Microkorg  –JdXi  shaped one with System 1m’ish knobs..
anyway – they say they’d be working on the System 8 so the D50 will do as well as any Cloud synths should..

I’d not expect it to run on System1 /1m since it’s polyphonic and may need the power of the big one or is just set to work on it – anyway. it is good news. anyway – I will believe it when it is actually there. since multistage envelopes and stuff do not really apply best to the System 8 layout.

found this in their forum (drums and synths section)
here’s what was posted. totally nice. should be available on friday. hope so for the System 8 version which is basically „the same“. but don’t know how they might roll out everything.


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  1. Yes, I was disappointed to read their subsequent update.

    1. but thank you for asking them – seems they do not put the D50 into the System 8, but the JX could still be in as well as new synths – maybe only those that do not contain samples. I’d really like to see „VARIATION“ applied to the System 100 to really access LFO 2 and Sample & Hold via Variation 2 und 3 thats easy to do but isn’t possible – since those parameters are not assignable to MIDI Controllers it’s not even possible to change it without the Software – so – this is my biggest wish before they finally decide to hard-code those small „samples“ into the System 8 to make that D50 become alive. Maybe hard to set those multi stage envelopes on the S8 as well..?

      thanks for posting, Peter!

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