Wavetables can be extracted from WAV files (Waldorf Microwave, Wave Series)

Wavetables can be extracted from WAV files using emagic sounddiver (used only today! mac: on apples site for some time, pc: used only) . but what kind of sample makes sense?
you might select 10 waves to let sounddiver convert the sample (WAV format) to the wavetable spectra , one single wave is simply one sonic spectra. of course you CAN choose up to 60 waves, but it sounds very rough and isn’t worth it! so my recommendation is: use around 10 waves.. depending on the changing of the sound.

how about the resolution and samplerate?.. I found it best using silly 8bit WAVs to „feed“ sounddiver, the sample should be SHORT and LOFI because it will be reduced to lofi anyway ;)
Buuut: it works with 16bit and lots of khz, too ;) my best resolt came form 8bit at any samlerate.. 22-48 as you like..

Never try phasing or chorusing sounds or something with lots of phase stuff!!

Also noisy sounds do not work well because of the way it is analysed:
You get some spectra out of it that are still additive, and of course you cannot to noise (white or pink)!!

So the „nicer“ sounds will work better.. The dirty ones will not work thaaat good..

Hope this helps..

In fact you should better use the wavetable analysis for the spectra-way-of -thinking.. Means: basic waves for making sounds, not really „sampling“ something! it will always sound bad this way.. But spectra will always sound good..

Some FM spectra, try some samples and extract some useful waves to make a nice interesting wavetable instead of drawing it all.. ;)
about the waves.. and how it works..

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