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Doepfer Muzik Elektronik is a German manufacturer of Analog & MIDI equipment that most of you certainly know since they collaborated with mythic group Kraftwerk on the realisation of various instruments including famous MIDI/analog Sequencer Maq 16/3.

They also provides today's musicians with a complete analog modular system called A-100 available in various basic kits but that you can extend near the infinity with various modules of their catalogue.

A-100 is an exceptional machine. Here at Wildtek Concept, if there is only one dream we still have, it's definitely to built our own A-100 system. Waiting for this moment, I was looking through Internet for some samples of the A-100 and discovered much more than samples...

I discovered few very great musicians working with this system and, as a DJ, I decided to record a digital mix of all this great tracks to firstly show respect to the artists behind them but also to Doepfer who makes my nights plenty of dreams with their creations.

I hope you will enjoy this 40 minutes of sound experimentation and who know ? Maybe you will be touched by this incredible way to make sounds with an irresistible envy to construct your own synthesizer sounding as you decided it to sound...

Music by : Efofex, Unyo303, Charles Graef, ...

Enjoy !

Dimitri Pike

Available here : http://wildtek.blogspot.com
not bad, but I'd completely leave out that kraftwerk sample from the keys magazine, it does not fit in well and I wondered why it happend.. if you simple cut it out and leave the rest the track is MUCH cooler.. it felt a bit like a "demo" with this ad-text.. since the other stuff is cool enough I wonder why you put in that sample? maybe you just love the A100 too much ;-)

trust me: the track will be much cooler without it..
hope that was helpful for you.. and maybe you also can get into trouble for copyright problems..
Hello Moogulator, thanks for listening to the mix. I can understand you about the sample, we all have different tastes. Regarding the copyright, since I provides this mix for free and since the file is available over the web for all, I don't see copyrights problems at all but anyway if there is any trouble I will simply remove it.

Just want to add thx for the add on myspace and good forum, I found a lot of informations recently about gear that is relatively hard to find informations about.


no problem, if there is no audio stuff from others in it, there is no problem..
the voco sample just destroys the flow..
I have to watch for all material is free stuff and no remixes from any stars or official releases, in that case it is surely not allowed, I understood it like it is a mix from your own work exept the kraftwerk/doepfer thing.. thats why my recommendation is to remove it.. and it also does no good job on the track itself (musically) .. most ppl will have a listen and think:; hmm, whats that?.. maybe I am patient enough.. but I hope you find this a useful info.

thx for nice words.. btw.

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