Does it exist? Midi-keyboard and sampler in one housing.

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  1. Hello!
    I need a device that combine in one housing two things: midi-keyboard (perfectly with 61 keys and midi-out) and sampler. The sampler have to have 8-16 pads, port for connecting SD-card with samples and audio out.
    Does anybody know about some model of device that math this parameters?
    Many thanks!
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    I don't know exactly ONE machine that does both - there is a pad-equipped one from Akai .. but no real keys and there are of course vintage samplers and synths, that accept samples - but thats possibly not what you wanted and - the latter is vintage stuff - so synths that accept samples upload may be the only choice - which are real synths PLUS that engine..

    like JunoDS series etc.
    has not midi thru but midi. and 61 keys. ... ch_prv_0_2
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  4. Thanks for responses!
    But I think it's quite expensive variants. For this moment I use for this function midi-keyboard Cakewalk (Roland) A-500s and sampler AKAI MPX8. And as I understand there is no any model that exactly match their functions in one housing.
    I also have Yamaha XS7 and after your answers start think this instrument can be sampler too like Korg Kronos, Roland FA 06 and JunoDS. Or not?
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    Yes, the XS7/XF7 can also handle Sample-Playback duties.
    It depends a bit what you want to do with it, really:

    - If you want to manipulate sampled instruments with filters and stuff, kind of like a synth-engine after the sampler, NordWave or Studiologic's Sledge might be your best bet, as they both have a big array of immediate "hands-on" controls !

    - If you want to load in *big* sample-libraries for strings or pianos (without much tweaking), the NordStage, Motif, Kronos or the new Kurzweil Forte are very solid choices.

    - If you just want to play loops, single samples or drum sounds, the Rolands will do, as will the MPX, the Akai MPC-Range, the now discontinued stuff by Elektron or the new Product by Pioneer.