Nunomo QUN - Pocket Synthesizer



Bin gerade zufällig auf den QUN gestoßen. Erinnert mich vom Formfaktor erstmal direkt an den Korg NTS-1. Da steckt wirkliches einiges unter der kleinen Haube und ich finde der klingt (siehe YT-Demo) gar nicht so übel.



  • Connectivity: Standard MIDI(TRS A type), BLE MIDI, UART MIDI(Supports MAC OS X and Windows through my SerialMIDI .
  • ESP32 Lyrat
    • Originally designed for smart speaker.
  • Analog Modeling engine
    • The analog modeling engine is made from scratch.
    • All analog modeling engine parameters can be configured through MIDI.
    • 2 Oscillators, it can be used as dual tone.
    • Flexible MOD (CV) routing. The signal routing is very flexible, close to modular synthesizer experience. You can route signals as normal, or totally radical.
    • AUX input can be used for external audio signal, or External CV input.
    • 4 Envelove Generators
    • FM (4 Operators x 2)
    • 1 LFO, rate can be controlled by MIDI notes
    • 1 Organic sounding VCF
      • 2/4 Poles, Low-pass, Band-pass, High-pass, Notch)
      • Keysync
    • 1 Effect (Delay, Chorus, Flanger)
    • MIDI clock sync
    • Advanced clipping algorithm makes organic clipping sound.
  • Granular synthesis
    • One oscillator can be used as a granular synthesis engine.
  • Player / Sequencer
    • Player (Piano mode)
    • Random mind inspiring 8 step sequencer will generate beats for you
      • Note On/Off/Double/Triple
      • Transpose / Note width(Length)
      • Randomness control
      • Scale quantize
      • Arpeggiate steps
    • Looper
      • Looper can record the sound up to 30 sec, synchronized with the sequencer.
      • Play / Rec / Overdub
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