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  1. Hi all,

    A world first! we just released a whole new interactive concept on
    our website: ZV LIVE MIX, the first online mixing interface.

    This online application allows you to entirely remix songs and create
    videos in real time and on line.

    You can mix the groups songs and videos live adding your own voices,
    instruments and images to create a unique version.

    It's free, it's fun. give it a try now, and let us know your inputs about it.

    The address for the website is:
  2. Hello all, you can upload numerous samples in the same time. They will show in the sample bank. Have fun.
  3. Bonjour à tous...
    Nous avons relooké notre interface de mixage en ligne avec un nouveau design, de nouvelles fonctions, et une banque en MP3 des remix fait par d'autres ZVLIVEMIXERS..

    L'adresse est toujours

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    English section?
  5. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    There's no french section, so it's ok - Anyway looks a bit like a Monologue.

    Now it's time for chinese and tibetan Version..