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Time Exile’s Flesh – (Reaktor 6 Tool)

Reaktor 6 (which I do not own, still) had a lot of improvements to all the libraries, the Core and the new blocks – but there is a new ensemble which was made by IDM/Glitch Artist Tim Exile – he was one of those ppl I learned about when NI’s page was a load if interesting stuff, artists and people – long time ago.

so here’s flesh as a sample mangler (field recording)

it processes looks that make synth sounds and fx out of it.
and makes it sort of one-finger loop player that transforms those sounds in real time and sequences them – look at this:

CDM seems to be part of it or knows more

Tja, der Tim Exile hat wieder was gebaut, nach Finger und anderen Sachen und interessanten Live-Konzerten aus dem Glitch und IDM Bereich, bringt er nun ein Reaktor 6 Tool namens Flesh. Damit kann man Sounds oder besser Loops spektral zerlegen und als Effekt spielen. Gemacht ist das speziell für ihn und passt genau dazu, Loops zu spielen, welche ein Eigenleben bekommen. Die Videos oben und weitere auf Youtube zeigen das recht gut, das erste erklärt eher was passiert, das zweite zeigt was man damit machen könnte..

Wenn man auf die Loops in Kreisform klickt, kann man einige “Presets” anwählen und ein wenig an den Knöpfen drehen, um irgendetwas damit zu machen. Es ist so gesehen eine Art Verglitchungs-Effekt-Loop-Werkzeug. Spielerisch mit 3 Teilen (Mono, Polysynth), einem Subbass Teil (links mit dem U-Boot)
und einem Effekt-Bereich (rechts). – Technologie: Wavetable-Loop
ni flesh tim exile

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Nonlinear Labs – Stephan Schmitt (NI Founder) tours through the new concept

as you might have read and seen – Stephan Schmitt, who founded Native Instruments and is still a holder has been busy building a new interface with hardware

nonlinear labs
– it is (and has) a Fatar keyboard and wooden parts coming from italy put together in a case and consists of buttons that can be relabelled just by simple paper strips (not displays) – so you just hit a button of the desired parameter and edit it – it will be displayed and shown – and can be changed by a large ribbon as a data entry “monster slider” plus value dials. tablets (this one is android driven as well as the computers are all Windows PCs) and the patches themselves are made and are based on NI Reaktor.

nonlinear synth on tablet
The tablet shows the structure and you can just drag and drop sounds onto another  – so this looks like a concept for the GUI – and if you chance the structure you chance the paper labels and watch the patch on the tablet or computer. that synth may be a computer already, here’s something you can watch:

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NonLinear Labs – Kontour + upcoming hardware synth / concept

NONLINEAR LABS is the company of NI founder Stephan Schmitt. I first recognized one of “their” new hardware based approaches to things like Reaktor. And Stephan writes, that he is still a share holder of NI. Well I don’t own Komplete 10, there are some new synths in it – Kontour being one of it (so can’t tell about details so far). It’s looks appear to be an easy to use but non boring synth because the comb filter is outlined as a module as well as 2 envelopes with 6 parameters – made for expressive works – buuut – this is the one:
this is the first outline of something coming from Nonlinear Labs soon (!), that is based on that hardware concept which is sort of controller and DSP engine – so they are doing a HARDWARE synth.

That synth uses a technique called TCD, means – some protocol that is detached from the synth engine and just discribes what you can control – means – if you did this one right and perfect you may be able to send it to “any” upcoming controller that has dedicated controls for – say – envelopes and put’s it all there, or may have controls for OSCs on another section of the hardware – to me this makes sense and COULD bring the controllers move from generic to something synth-generic, so it is not as specific as the Roland System 1 but it might not be as generic as “controllers” or synths like the G2 which has a really perfect user interface for it’s time and modularity. so you got the PANEL and the ENGINE (Reaktor, do you heaaar me?) – so that’s what comes to MY mind when reading and hearing this, and it COULD be a good start for us synth guy(settes), huh?

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NI Komplete 9 + Battery 4

beside the “revolution” analog sounding something coming up there will be 2 more things..

Komplete 9 – new in here (compared to Komplete 8):
MONARK synth (analog modeling “minimoog style”)
monark synth

BATTERY 4 drum sample player


SOLID DYNAMICS -> studio fx

SESSION STRINGS -> string library

Battery 4 – just an ad, no real content in here..

time stretching and optimized workflow – ..

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Maschine 1.8 is ready for download

I also received another Massive License with the info – nice. The 1.8 Update was announced already and the new colour Maschine Controllers as well
for today: This service is temporarily not available. Please try again later. 

and yes, the Service Center Software is quite slow right now, lots of downloads this time, so expect to have some time & patience today..


Per Mail kam der Massive Code, die Server sind ziemlich überlastet, aber mit etwas Geduld müsste es klappen, ich habe mind 2 Service Centers installiert.
Also mal probieren. Forum: Maschine 1.8 da

Bei mir steht: Alle Produkte sind auf dem neuesten Stand, angezeigt werden nur alte Soft. Da stimmt also was nicht. Maschine taucht nicht auf und Komplete auch nur das alte. Also, warten…


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New NI Maschine Design – more LED colours

more colours.


why and what? note – new colours should be like telling you things better via the same button, so it may help more than just “being coloured”.http://www.native-instruments.com/#/de/ … /maschine/ for all of you who might think it is just a hoax.

599€ is the new price
quote from forum – aus dem Forum: the 1.8 version will work on both- the old and the coloured one. all maschine users get Massive for free.

note that it’s not about colours, you need them for being a cool launchpad or at least use it like a step sequencer (like in numerology since V2.3), so there is more than just “nice” aspects in here. think APC, Launchpad, Sequencers.

Interessant ist das wohl jeder Maschine-Besitzer, also auch die von der alten Maschine, mit dem 1.8 Update Massive bekommen.
Auf der “Neue Features” Seite steht zumindest:”Mit dem MASCHINE 1.8-Update bekommen alle MASCHINE-User eine Vollversion des legendären Synthesizers MASSIVE.”

dies hilft zu verstehen, was die Farben anzeigen – this may help maschine users to identify what those colours do

Meine Einschätzung:
-> Sicher wird die Farbenpracht für bessere Darstellungsunterscheidung genutzt, außerdem Stichwort Lauflicht und Launchpad. Gute Chancen da rein zu rutschen mit eigenem Produkt.Launchpad Deluxe mit Sequencerfunktion wiegt mehr,…Tja, meine alte Maschine sieht schon etwas weniger edel aus, würde ich mal sagen. Aber Numerology Nutzer haben das Launchpad schon lange als Stepsequencer-Gerät und gerade wegen der Farbcodierung. Ein interessantes Zitat ist auch das hier: “Weitere Neuerungen sind beim Time Stretching und Pitch Shifting zu finden, diese finden jetzt nämlich direkt in der Hardware statt und werden nicht erst an den Audio PC/Mac geschickt.”

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