NI Maschine – Upcoming 1.8

The update will include the following improvements:

– looks like the slicer will still be a bit dull, they should look at Geist from FXpansion how to use and process slices, anyway not bad to have time stretching

– My personal comment 2 refering to my own performances: The LFO is still 18 Hz, which is far below standard, should be 100Hz minimum, and please add multicore support, after that there’s a lot improved, aaand – say you have a slice programmed to play and remove it in the chase light editor in a jam and then re-play it it won’t be the same since you need to play the same pitch (slice) which isn’t that cool, so – please try to do that, NI, and I’ll really start loving it.

New and improved features:

  • Offline time stretching and pitch shifting feature
  • Transient Master
  • Tape and Tube Saturators
  • Save group with samples feature
  • Improved handling of missing samples
  • Revised select page (hardware) with access to note length
  • Quick select events of a sound in a pattern (Shift + Select + Pad)
  • Quick erase events of a sound in a pattern (Erase + Select + Pad)
  • Pre-hear samples from the hardware browser before loading them
  • Choke all playing sampler voices feature („panic button“: Shift + Mute)
  • Sample play position indicator on the waveform (hardware and software)
  • AutoWrite pinning feature
  • Various bug fixes

via Official update status – Maschine – Upcoming 1.8 – NI User Forums.

im Forum: Neues von der Maschine-Front

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One Thought to “NI Maschine – Upcoming 1.8”

  1. ralfsolymp

    maschine is not proffesional software for producing standalone

    maschine is not grooving-he is only hardquantizing-not groovequantize
    his dancetracks cannot groove
    maschine has not solo and mute automation
    maschine has not songmode or scene shapshots
    the most important dancemusic arranging way are not available in maschine

    maschine is not good to use as soundmodul
    because his fxslots has not midi-input for controlchange- progchangec etc.

    what kind kind of music you will made within maschine
    i cant not say

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