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analogue trigger Moog: like some korgs (MS20) and EDP (wasp) –
‚S-Trig‘ (Moog Type) – Kurzschlusstrigger = to GND = shorting connection.
this comes to the moogs via the „jones plug“ , looks like german loudspeaker plugs of early Hifi Stereos but is NOT the same size..
Note: the Voyager has V-Trigger and the „Jones“ Plug are only used on very old Moogs, especially some little moogs had standard jacks like prodigy, etc..

Control Voltage is: Volts / Octave.
take a transistor 2N3904, connect its basis to the normal trigger (voltage trigger) jack (6mm) (tip) with a 10KOhm resistor and a diode IN4148 (points to basis) and the emitter should be connected to the ground of the normal trigger jack.
the collector of the transistor should be the smaller prong of the switched trigger jones plug, the other one is connected to the emitter , ground & diode (blocking). the 6mm jack is the one,that is used on almost every audio equipment in the world. noone knows why moog used those jones cinch plug

Robert „Bob“ Arthur Moog died August 2005 (on Sunday) at the age of 71.
We are all sure we miss Bob. You can follow countless Threads in the Forum who think the same! He did so much for us and possible I would never do this site without him or even found interest in music, he simply made music fascinating! Danke! Thank You!
Bob Moog – 23.05.1934 – 21.08.2005

Moog Synth overview / überblick..Moog

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