new Apple MacBook Pro series overhaul

Apple – MacBook Pro – series is now 5 models starting from SandyBridge i5 as the smallest one with 13″ Screen to i7 in 15″ (same configuration in the 17″-model but one more USB port),

all still got optical drives and adds Thunderbolt Link and 4GB RAM. and glossy screens. IMPORTANT :all still got Firewire 800 only the 17″ model has Express Card 3/4 connector. Resolution didn’t change for all screens and options.

1150€ to 2500€ the 15″ start at 1.7k€ and more GFX power (dual GFX cards).

looks like Apple did a lot of things right but still don’t offer hi-end desktop-replacements. say – 2 processors with plugged in power supply, 1 without or dual HD slots for SSD integration and additional HD for libraries and large files etc..

Update: the battery can now be removed quite easily, maybe it’s not official to do for users, but you need to unplug one little spudger and remove 3 screws. Hope apple allow access and replacement…


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