New Apple iMacs – Haswell (Processor) Speed Update

Apple silently updated the iMacs – they are available as 21 and 27″ as before in 2 standard configurations – all i5 processors,
so you need to click for 200€ i7 processor updates –
here’s the i7 prices you might be interested in the most with Haswell processors:

21.5″ i7 Quad Core – 3.1GHz -> 3,9 turbo boosted 1.7k€ 
27   “ i7 Quad Core – 3.5GHz -> 3,9 turbo boosted 2.2k€

so the upgrade is 0.1 GHz (0.2 GHz more on the 21″ iMac) faster in frequency but about 20-25% faster for the i7 architecture so recommendable to audio and video purpose especially with heavy use of synth plugins. for standard DAW i5 is ok.

all iMacs are 8GB RAM – the SSD OPTION (it’s a simple 1TB 3.5 HD with no specific configuration) – got PCI-SSDs now like the new Macbook Airs, so they are faster than than the Sata-Connectors.
as always Apple charges 200€ for a small SSD INSTEAD of the HD, and 500€ for 512GB SSD – it’s quite hard to change the HD since you need to disassemble it to the bones which is a lot harder than on other macs (before)..

imac haswell


iFixit already did their job

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