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PPG Phonem – Vocal Synthesizer

Wolfgang Palm, creator of PPG, the Wavegenerator and Wavetmapper has released the Phonem.

it creates things from whisper to screem – as said because no audio, yet. but coming.

Für 119€ kommt am 18.Nov. der Stimmen-Synthesizer Phonem von Wolfgang Palm. Es gibt dafür englische und deutsche sowie französische Phonem-Bestandteile. Es gibt dafür eine Menge Hüllkurven und LFOs. Dies ist also schon mehr als SAM auf dem C64 oder eine Aneinanderreihung von Samples, sondern synthetisch erzeugt. -> Wolfgang Palm PPG Phonem – Vocal Synthesizer

  • Create your own singing style
  • Create your own expressions
  • Large Phoneme inventory – 46 english/american plus 5 german plus 4 french phonemes
  • Versatile excitation generator/oscillator
  • Working with typical voice source or wavetable and time-corrected-samples (TCS)
  • Extreme time stretching, freezing and reversing
  • Pitch track – let your robots sing
  • Control track – let it cry and shout
  • Song mode – making it easy to compose your synthesized text
  • Wave page – create your own wavetables and modify time-corrected-samples
  • All internal parameters available to the user – give your voices a special dialect or individual character
  • Versatile matrix system – allowing 19 sources to control 40 parameters
  • Two X/Y control pads freely routable to 40 parameters
  • 6 Envelopes, for control of filter sweeps, waveform, noise and many modulations
  • 4 LFOs plus Vibrato, Flutter and Growl generators
  • Fully programmable resonator filter – allowing production of new sound effects
  • Delay/Reverb effect
  • Overdrive/Distortion effect
  • Directly accessible context help for each module
  • Freely configurable schematic keypad, with extremely expressive modulation options
  • Ribbon controller to bend the pitch to variable intervals
  • 5 Keyboard Modes including mono, legato and voice-per-channel.
  • Import WTS and TCS files from WaveGenerator or WaveMapper 2

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