Sequera – Software Sequencer – a touch of hardware feel?

Sequera is a dynamic Sequencer that is basically based on the piano roll concept or more like a drum editor which can be scaled/set in pitch. the patterns can be set below, tracks can be muted live – you can help by crowdfunding to make this one a real product.

 the aim is like working more with the feel of hardware

quote what you can see here:

1. freshly launched Sequera, default statement

2. enter notes by using Mac keyboard (so the screen pointer is not moving at all while entering notes)

3. went into „perform mode“ (at 1:05)

4. randomizing the sequence for a while by pressing 1, 2, 3 keys

5. changed sound from tassmann to omnisphere (at 1:18)

6. changed tempo while it’s running

7. changed number of steps to be played

planned to run on a Mac OS X platform. here’s the features and timeline ..

Current alpha-version does or allows…

– entering notes for 32 steps max

– entering notes with computer keyboard

– selecting desired track with computer keyboard

– and a few other short cut key assignments

– displays note entry

– plays notes

– randomizes notes

– changing tempo

– changing number of steps to be loop-played

First Mac version is willing to involve…

– velocity entry / change

– mute each tracks

– midi note number select

– gate time set

Next coming features… 

– timing adjustment for each notes by computer keyboard

– more flexibility for the steps to be played or not to be played

– compatible with midi commands all around

– pitch transition

– real-time performance features, midi-effects

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