Smaller Maschine Mikro from NI + Update 1.7

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS :they have shrunken the Maschine: Mikro, they changed the display and size, may fit in nice in front of the macbook pro?..

the software upates to 1.7, my experience with standalone 1.6 was: freezing. so hope for better stability. 350€. So it’s about 200€ less compared to the bigger one. – In German this little Maschine should be called Maschinchen

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One Thought to “Smaller Maschine Mikro from NI + Update 1.7”

  1. […] die Optik, bunte Displays und so weiter, dies ist sozusagen die große Version, es gibt noch Micro und Mk2 und die “alte” Maschine. außerdem eine neue Maschine Software 2.0 ab 1.November […]

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