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  1. hesed

    hesed .

    I receive this morning AS system1 and is my first modular system.

    There is some tutorial in english? or some cable set up.

    I get just a ground noise out, i try different connection but nothing.

    P.S.: i have a kenton pro solo mk2 midi to cv.

  2. Hello! Since a modular system consists out of serveral independent modules it is very unlikely that your whole system (each individual module) has broken down. Thus: Congrats! For shure it's a good start into the modular world.

    1. Does the system powers up i.e. the RS80's LED is flashing?
    2. If so connect one of the RS95's saw/tri or sine output directly to a monitor. You should hear a constant sound. (Be careful and turn the monitor's volume down while making the connection.)

    Pls. then report back your findings & we'll continue.
  3. hesed

    hesed .

    the light are all on and the costant sound is coming out.. but i dont get response when i connect the modul with each other.
  4. OK, now connect the tri/saw output with the RS100 Input 1 (Pot setting: Input 1 = 5; Frequency = Fully cw; Resonance = fully ccw.) connect the output to the RS180 Input 1 (Pot setting: Input 1 = 5; Initial Level = fully cw). Monitor the RS180 output.

    1. Do you hear once more a constant sound? You should.
    2. Vary the the pot settings (see above). Does it alter amplitude and sound?
  5. hesed

    hesed .

    no the amplitude stay fix doesnt have effect.

    when i make it with the first vca the continuos sound is coming thru and with the second just silence.
    second vca is louder then the first.
    the led of lfo (rs-80) is not flashing but is fix.

    what can be? the system is new! :sad:
  6. Assumed you've made the suggested patch:

    1. The amplitude should vary with the setting of the Initial Level (RS180) pot.

    2. You are able to change the timbre with the RS100 pots mentioned.
  7. hesed

    hesed .

    no nothig have effect.
    what difference beetween cv-in and sig in? maybe i connect the modules wrong.

    p.s. read one post up i just insert new things.
  8. Pot setting? If frequency range is fully cw it might be flashing that fast that's tricking your eyes. Even with reduced freq (ccw) the LED won't flash?
  9. hesed

    hesed .

    i tryed allready cause i know how it works lfo i have other analog machine. But nothing the led is fix.

    Do you have any messenger or icq maybe you can explain me faster.
  10. hesed

    hesed .

    also if i connect a cable to the rs 95 output the led of the rs-40 is going down :?
  11. Sorry, not meant ill.

    If you connect the RS95 output to any other module or to the RS40's External Clock Input?

    However, you've got the constant sounding patch. If you connect one of the LFO's outputs to the CV In 1V/Oct and turn the Freq Pot (LFO) does the VCO changes it's pitch according to the pot setting (LFO)? [Just to check wether it's just the LED reversed or the whole module is ill working.]

    If the LFO LED is fixed while the RS40's LED goes up/or down on doing a patch that does not include it's External Clock Input (Freq Pot mentioned unchanged), I *guess* that one of the modules is wrongly connected to the bus board.

    Sorry, don't have a messenger or an icq.
  12. hesed

    hesed .

    no change on the sound nothing is moving. i tryed really many combination.
  13. By now I'm convionced that something is wrong with your system. I feel sorry for you. Since Bob Williams (ASys) doesn't like any attempts to fix problems oneself you've to return it (or risk to loose you warranty).

    Where do you got the system from?
  14. hesed

    hesed .

  15. I keep my fingers crossed that'll fix it in lightning speed so that you can enjoy your new piece of gear!
  16. hesed

    hesed .

    i'll send it tomorrow back!
  17. hesed

    hesed .

    i just receive it back and nothing change maybe i do something wrong.

    have somebody some startup cable connection?
  18. HPL

    HPL .

    where are you located? maybe someone can give you a little help @ your own system.

    btw. what cables do you use? maybe there is some problem.
  19. hesed

    hesed .

    i live in dresden and i use the cable that they send me, anyway the all system is wrong bilded cause lfo is not blinking and nothing react.
    I try 1000 combination and i dont get other that path sound.
    I mean after all combination i tryed at least one should work.
    But nothing have effect!!!!

    vca dont change the aplitude, pitch dont change the tone etc. etc.

    And if i move i can listen something is loose inside.

    I think the people from the shop are not able to mount it correctly.
  20. Sorry to hear about your on going troubles. Have you tried to phone the person who gave your system a check? If it was sent to the workshop TBS usually deals with chances are that you have a friendly guy on the other end of the phone to discuss this issue. Mind you, don't know wether he speaks any English.
  21. hesed

    hesed .

    i check it out with the guy from TBS now i decide to change with a doepfer.
  22. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I think, it is not a problem of Analogue Systems' Integrator than more a problem with the guy who built it up/together.
    I'm using here both Doepfer and ASys, any kind of problem (really very rare in the eleven years I'm using this gear) were solved very fast.
    At time I 'm waiting for my RS290/295 unit, which had the need of a brand new software flash that I couldn't install at home because of a wrong and old bootloader. Last week to Great Britain, today it will find its way back in my rack.
    Why don't you send the unit back for free with some friendly words that you're hoping to get the same unit or another one back in a working state?
    Maybe there is a broken cable connection or a module is connected in the wrong way, yes, it is possible.
    But then I would have a few fitting words for the professional work.
    all the best
  23. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Try the simplest things: VCO or Noise out direct to the mixer, sound? Yes, => VCO => VCA (initial gain) => mixer. Sound? Yes, VCO => mixer module => VCA => main mix. Sound? Yes..and so on, step by step, until you know, which module(s) do(es)n't work.
    I can offer that you send the unit to me, so I can take a look at it, but the really better way is to send it to TBS (I suppose, it is your dealer, why not Schneiders Buero????) because of the warranty to force them for sending it back in a wondeful state of working. They have a really good technician, Achim Jeronimek, who wakes up very dead machines :D . They must be able to build it up in a correct way!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. TBS ist the official distributor of Analogue Systems, we are only a re-seller.
    So if you buy at Schneider´s, we have to buy form TBS first. But yes, please do support us :!: ;-)

    Maybe perhaps one module is connected wrong and thus the whole system is not working properly.
  25. hesed

    hesed .

  26. cool! and good decision ... what modules you use? the demo is great

    hel ... (expecting his doepfer to arrive on tuesday ;-) )