nord lead 1 pelle's mode - info gesucht

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    "First you have to enter Pelle’s year of birth: 1965. Set Slot A to Program 19 and Slot B to Program 65. Only the numbers will do, so never mind if memory location 19 is holding another Program than the factory preset. Than press and hold the Portamento Auto button, after which you press and hold the Shift button (what else). Holding both press the Velocity/Morph button and release it again. Still holding the two first knobs press the Performance button and you will hear a click, which means the Pelle mode is active.

    Only on the NordLead(1) and the Nordlead2; NOT on the NordLead2X, NordLead3 and NordLead4. It is an non-documentated mode which produces Physical Modeling and is only developed in an experimental state. It can't be saved, although it can be send using SysEx. It is a part of the Manual mode."
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    muchas gracias :supi:
    das wird morgen ein spass
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    Aber Vorsicht:

    Der Mastervolume-Regler ist im Pelle-Modus ausser Funktion, da kommt immer 'volles Mett'...