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Dear OutSim Ltd. Customers (SynthMaker & DSPRobotics),
I am writing to you to about the fundamental changes that have happened to our company over the last year and the bright future of the products. We appreciate that we've been a bit quiet lately but this is because we've been hard at work building the foundations for the future. The main reason behind this was because the SynthMaker market is too limited to sustain development for a product of this type, and as many of you already know the features of this software far exceed the music industry & VST Plugins. So we had to look in new directions to find some expanding markets and establish a broader foundation.
Our plans are to move the whole SynthMaker user base over to the FlowStone forum and slowly wind down the SynthMaker site as you develop a new home in greener pastures. (You should be able to sign in already to the FlowStone forum using your existing SynthMaker user name and password or if you are already registered you can use that account).

Secondly, in order to make enough revenue the value of the product has to be quite high in the first place, for example, FlowStone costs $799.00 USD.


So we decided to be pioneering and do things differently. Why not charge just the yearly upgrade price for the product and then split it over 12 Months? This means that you only pay a small subscription/rental fee each month instead of a huge initial outlay and then yearly update charges.
The more you think about it the more logical it is. We as developers are now free to release new features as soon as they are created as everyone is on a subscription and gets free updates. We as a company get regular funds to fuel new developments. New users can get on board for a fraction of the price, $14.99 instead of $799.00, and enjoy the full version with no limitations. If they decide after a month or so that it’s not for them or that they don’t need it for a while they can stop and start their subscription as they like - no contracts or other strings attached.


In closing we hope that you are as excited about these new developments as we are and appreciate our reasons for doing things this way. What I can say, is that the future of the product is looking stronger than ever and that can only be good for everyone.


Wenn ich Amerikaner (oder Amerikanisierte Engländer) die Phrase you are as excited about these new developments as we are sagen höre, weiss ich, das jemand mich besch...en will.

Wat Nu ?


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