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  1. Moogulator

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    welcome to the new english section..

    ok, here's a little poll list of the greatest synths of all time, triggered by sonicstates top20 video..

    and of course: why do you think like that?
    btw: all polls in the english sections are free, you can vote without login but not post without login..

    I am sure: the number one synth of all time is the

    1) Moog Minimoog - it's a legend in sound and appears on a lot of fine cool music..
    2) could be the Arpegiator 2600 or Arpegiator Odyssey because most of us asked ourselves: shall I go for the Moog one or the Arpegiator.. ? ;-)
    3) ?

    do we have digital synths in here? I am sure we have,
    how about softsynths? Imo no Emulation is entitled to go in here, because it has no real own "soul", but there are still others like Reaktor, Virsyn Cube..?
  2. e6o5

    e6o5 ..

    1. Casio CZ1 - The CZ1 sounds, like I want a synthesizer to sound. Maybe I heard to much erasure in my childhood. I love this plastic-sound-machine more than any other synth.
    2. Roland System 100m - It sounds wonderful electronic.
    3. Korg MS50 - I like his filter more than any other.
    4. Clavia NordModular - Small and good sounding modular.
    5. Korg MS20 - I like the sound and the possibilities even though or simply because it always sounds like a MS20
    6. Arp 2600 - I's a classic.
    7. Moog Minimoog - ...
    8. Native Instruments Reaktor - It is very flexibel.
    9. Akai VX600 - Spacy outer space.
    10. Korg 707 - I like FM and I can program this synthesizer ;-)
  3. Moogulator

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    why that choice? especially the 707 and do you think the CZ1 is really entitled to be on #1?

    ah, I forgot the link
  4. e6o5

    e6o5 ..

    In bad english I explained my choice. :D
  5. Feinstrom

    Feinstrom |||

    Well, you asked for a personal Top 10...

    OK, here's mine:

    1. Roland JD-800 for great sound and user interface
    2. Roland SH-101 for still surprising me after 22 years
    3. DSI Evolver for being sooooo playable
    4. Korg PE-2000 for power oozing out of it
    5. Godwin Symphony for my favourite string sounds
    6. Waldorf Q+ for the sheer size of its sounds
    7. L.L.Electronics RozzBox for the Rozz :phat:
    8. Hohner Organa 30 for being no synth and yet sounding so nice :musiker:
    9. Roland SH-3A for being different
    10. Vermona PerFourmer for looking good in black :D

    I didn't include anything I don't have around at the moment (if I sold it, it shouldn't be in my personal Top 10...).
  6. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    cool.. oh, yes.. hmm a personal one, your are right..
    and a "thats the official top10".. here we go.. lets do 2 lists.. one "encyclopeda-kind" and one personal..? cool?..

    imo it's much harder to search for the official one..
  7. Dimi

    Dimi .

    Ok, here we go :

    01. Polivoks - the Filter is the shit!
    02. ARP 2600 - legendary Sounds....
    03. Minimoog - legendary Sounds....
    04. Yamaha CS80 - expression...
    05. Roland JD 800 - pad sounds
    06. OSCAR - nice synth
    07. Moog Sonic Six - not the normal moog sound...
    08. ARP Avatar / Odyssey - The typical ARP Sound...
    09. Waldorf Pulse - nice sounding Synth for low price..
    10. ARP Axxe - ARP Sound for low price...

    I love the ARPs, but it's better to have both, ARPs & MOOGs ;-)
  8. Jörg

    Jörg |||||

    One of my "tops", too! :phat:
  9. Cool! An English section! :D

    I'm only listing the synths I've owned/borrowed/played a lot ... So there's a bit of a bias here. I know what I'd put on top of the list, but that'd be too obvious.


    1 - Moog Prodigy - Easy as chewing gum, great sound, no frills.
    2 - Moog Rogue - Same as Prodigy, cheap and cheerful.
    3 - Casio VL 1 - Play a tune and do your taxes with the calculator included!
    4 - Yamaha DX100 - Reliable and fun, small keys.
    5 - Sequential Pro-1 - Sounds good, looks good.
    6 - Moog Voyager - Neat sound.
  10. MFox

    MFox .

    Nobody will probably care, but anyway, this is my personal Top 10:
    1. CS80 - the massive sound is proportional to its weight. Not every one seems to be as unstable as it's stated everywhere. it's playable after a few minutes and stays in tune. if you're a kid of the 70s, do you remember how stereos or tape recorders used to smell when they were switched on? the cs80 does reek like that. If you're not used to the ribbon, the velvet will skin your forefinger, believe me, it will hurt for days :)
    2. Arp 2600 - smooth and sweet sound, basslines sound special due to the rather slow enevelopes(listen to equinoxe4 and you know what I mean).
    3. Minimoog - deep rich basses and crying monster leads
    4. JD800 - ambient-pads, rich sounding, cutting through the mix and it was also my very first synthesizer :)
    5. Prophet - warm, can also sound "scissor"-hard. interesting modulation section (I once reproduced the tron lightcycle sound by using the mod-section. I don't know what synth they actually used for it, but it sounded very similar to the original)
    6. Synthex - hard "cutting through the mix"-pads and other interesting sounds. compared to the prophet it's a little thin sounding. anyway, they complement each other.
    7. Virus - very unique character, good for cutting through trance hymn leads, pads have a unique character. it was said it sounds warm and analog, I don't agree, it sounds pretty clean actually (personal opinion)
    8. Waldorf Pulse - da bitch :) it was said, it sounds similar to a minimoog, but it doesn't, it has its own cool character.
    9. TB303 - besides the common known barking and tweeting it can also produce interesting silky bass-sounds
    10. CZ5000 - Don't roll your eyes, I just like this one :) Vibraphone and the whistling sound(A4) are very unique. It has 8-stage envelopes

    The list and order might change occasionally :)
  11. Changes all the time but

    1) Buchla 200. Just too original and funky
    2) ARP 2600. Best all rounder by far and KILLER percussion generator
    3) Prophet 5
    4) VCS3
    5) Arp 2500
    6) Minimoog
    7) Fairlight IIx
    :cool: Crumar Spirit
    9) DX7 (well TX816)
    10) Oberheim Xpander

    I'd have to say for my way of working ANY big modular (a la Polyfusion, Moog, ARP, Serge etc) will be in the top 3 but I have listed 2 big modulars already
  12. I have to add the SH101 to my list. How could I forget my first analog?


    Yeah, baby, that thing was awesomely cool and still cheap back then.


    For me, only small synths work. Small and simple.
  13. Feinstrom

    Feinstrom |||


    Bought it in 1985.
    Still have it.

    Any questions?