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NI Reaktor 6 coming with new “analog style” modules (blocks)

soon to be there – new redesigned Reaktor 6
offers a new level of modules with graphical interface called “blocks”.

Reaktor 6

it will still be panel and cables being connected on another panel – but they look a lot more like “analog” modules and eurorack kind of shapes. there will be more than this – under the hood – and it will be 200€ new – 99€ update (which is a lot less than before)

note – these modules are already higher end kind of sound – since they are not just redesigned non-core-modules – it’s a new layer for everyone from the analog way of thinking modular. and it looks pretty petty does it?


Neuer Reaktor – hübscher und einfacher in der Bedienung mit neuem Bereich “Blocks” von analogen Modulen inspirierter neuer Teil und per Drag & Drop lassen sich Samples in den neuen Sampler / Granular-Modulbereich einschieben. Besseres Handling für 99€, bzw. 199€ für Neulinge. Fair, weil aufwendig. Ein Modul heißt Paul – schon allein deshalb ist das gut.. ;) Vielleicht ist es ja Paul von Schneidersbüro (Hallo Paul auf dem Wege).

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-09 um 15.40.23


und ich hab’ noch das: Native Instruments Reaktor 6 mit neuen “Blocks” in die Modularwelt

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Loop Creator “Turner” for NI Kontakt – wave/sample sequencing with up to 127 samples

UPDATE: Turner is going into the next step – there are no longer beat and melodic versions but one TURNER running on Kontakt 5.0 instead of 5.5 – makes it available to a lot more people.

check out the new version:


what happened before 2016:
Kontakt’s sequencing section blown up to create a lot of loops
there are 10 types of sequencers added to do sample sequences just a different way of “wave sequence” from Korgs Kronos/Wavestation – can handle 127 samples per sequencer line.

how it works

you can use your own samples. so this is not a boring set of samples to buy.

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Nonlinear Labs – Stephan Schmitt (NI Founder) tours through the new concept

as you might have read and seen – Stephan Schmitt, who founded Native Instruments and is still a holder has been busy building a new interface with hardware

nonlinear labs
– it is (and has) a Fatar keyboard and wooden parts coming from italy put together in a case and consists of buttons that can be relabelled just by simple paper strips (not displays) – so you just hit a button of the desired parameter and edit it – it will be displayed and shown – and can be changed by a large ribbon as a data entry “monster slider” plus value dials. tablets (this one is android driven as well as the computers are all Windows PCs) and the patches themselves are made and are based on NI Reaktor.

nonlinear synth on tablet
The tablet shows the structure and you can just drag and drop sounds onto another  – so this looks like a concept for the GUI – and if you chance the structure you chance the paper labels and watch the patch on the tablet or computer. that synth may be a computer already, here’s something you can watch:

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NonLinear Labs – Kontour + upcoming hardware synth / concept

NONLINEAR LABS is the company of NI founder Stephan Schmitt. I first recognized one of “their” new hardware based approaches to things like Reaktor. And Stephan writes, that he is still a share holder of NI. Well I don’t own Komplete 10, there are some new synths in it – Kontour being one of it (so can’t tell about details so far). It’s looks appear to be an easy to use but non boring synth because the comb filter is outlined as a module as well as 2 envelopes with 6 parameters – made for expressive works – buuut – this is the one:
this is the first outline of something coming from Nonlinear Labs soon (!), that is based on that hardware concept which is sort of controller and DSP engine – so they are doing a HARDWARE synth.

That synth uses a technique called TCD, means – some protocol that is detached from the synth engine and just discribes what you can control – means – if you did this one right and perfect you may be able to send it to “any” upcoming controller that has dedicated controls for – say – envelopes and put’s it all there, or may have controls for OSCs on another section of the hardware – to me this makes sense and COULD bring the controllers move from generic to something synth-generic, so it is not as specific as the Roland System 1 but it might not be as generic as “controllers” or synths like the G2 which has a really perfect user interface for it’s time and modularity. so you got the PANEL and the ENGINE (Reaktor, do you heaaar me?) – so that’s what comes to MY mind when reading and hearing this, and it COULD be a good start for us synth guy(settes), huh?

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Native Instruments Maschine Studio – 3x MIDI out, luxury version / Maschine Software 2.0 not free

NI has a new studio version of maschine @ 1k€

4 MIDI : 1 in, 3x out, 2x footswitch
so – there is a luxury and a micro version now in the 3-controller-line of the NI groovebox – of course still – computer is required.


Diese Version ist neu, schau mal auf die Rückseite – 3x MIDI Out, und die Optik, bunte Displays und so weiter, dies ist sozusagen die große Version, es gibt noch Micro und Mk2 und die “alte” Maschine. außerdem eine neue Maschine Software 2.0 ab 1.November – aber die erstmals nicht kostenlos ;( natürlich bleibt die Maschine ein Controller, ein Computer muss da sein, damit jemand die Arbeit macht. Forum / Mehr Info NI Maschine Studio (zusammengefasst)


via: Native Instruments Maschine Studio & Maschine 2 Software, Groove-Controller – AMAZONA.de.


btw: the 2,0 Version of the Maschine Software will not be free, 99€ for any older Maschine Controller owner.


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NI Komplete 9 + Battery 4

beside the “revolution” analog sounding something coming up there will be 2 more things..

Komplete 9 – new in here (compared to Komplete 8):
MONARK synth (analog modeling “minimoog style”)
monark synth

BATTERY 4 drum sample player


SOLID DYNAMICS -> studio fx

SESSION STRINGS -> string library

Battery 4 – just an ad, no real content in here..

time stretching and optimized workflow – ..

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