Neuron VS Project – free for Intel Macs

The Neuron was a prestige design synth by Axel Hartmann. The tech and developer behind it is Stephan Bernsee (former: Sprenger) from Prosoniq – one of the most innovative software projects – one of those is the morphing of audio material and the even bigger thing is the transformation to more woodish or more glassy sounds. there are 13 very new parameters like alienation etc. – the VS was the software version – a bit „smaller“ of it and came with a controller.

the hardware was a bit risky in design – maybe a bit too much „design“. but the idea behind it is probable more innovative than supersaw VAs, in’nt?

NeuronVS Project.

Update: they opened a mirrored copy of the 1.4GB databse – so now you can really download it, takes about 2hrs..

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