Waldorf Microwave XT Editor – MonstrumWave 2.5 via Ctrlr

this is a CTRLR Patch for editing the Waldorf Microwave XTk , Microwave XT Digital Synthesizer, of course it can not access the Waves and Tables since they are higher SysEx commands, but this one looks nice to use. looks like a lot of work, tho’

update: since it is not exactly free check the site – the demo is free! .. see comment!

it’s here: monstrumMedia


note: update for the Wolfgang Palm App “Wavegenerator”, since it’s about Wavetables – the features look very interesting.


  1. Hi, i’m the developer of this software, and just to set the record straight, there is a free restricted demo of monstrumwave but the full version is not free. Wavetable editor is fully possible and is already in progress! Full version will be available within days. Video demos of monstrumWave were uploaded today to YouTube and will be linked off the main site shortly.

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