MFB Step64 sequencer

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  1. nop

    nop .

    Have you ever try this sequencer with your vintage gears? It hardly to find an information about this sequencer. How's it work? I have ms20. so I would like to know you guys opinion on this product. please let me know how you like it? or give me some suggestion about MDI to CV converter. Thanks!
  2. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    should be no problem, but you need to use the VCO in since the MFB is V/oct CV and the S-Trigger..
  3. I was not able to get it running with my Doepfer MCV-4 nor with my Theis sequencer. The Gate was simply not working - only the first note sent a gate which then stayed 'high'.

    Sent it back to MFB via the shop where I bought it (the staff and me tried to get it running with a MacBeth and a Little Phatty - same problem), it came back as 'Working now' but it didn't. Returned it and bought a Doepfer MAQ16/3.