minimale techno...maybe too much minimale...



complete track...

so much work for LFO speed, drum machine tempo and balance, frequency and resonnance programming, tune...

you won't believe me but that's it :

nice one!

it really is pretty minimal. i thought that the base drum could use a little more oomph but then again i'm using cheap phones.

the end is nice, too. it kind of says, "naah, enough", and ...

... after the very last beat there is one soft little bass sound that goes, "mwoop", as if the little bass guy had missed the stop cue. heehee!
nice punctuation there!

perhaps the little piece could get some additional fun with some pause breaks and subtle electronic noises, bleeps or a soft filtered mwoop or zweep.

the length is just right, and the mix sounds spic and span.

i particularly liked the kvetchy filter resonance bass <a href="">Sequencer</a>uence that flows throughout the piece.