ARP2500 Emu hier $100, Demo free.


  • Ten different virtual modules also found in the original:
    • 1002 Power Control
    • 1004-T Oscillator
    • 1005 Modulator Amplifier
    • 1006 Filter Amplifier
    • 1016 Dual Noise / Random
    • 1027 Ten-Position Sequencer
    • 1033 Dual Envelope Generator
    • 1036 Sample & Hold / Random Voltage
    • 1047 Multimode Filter / Resonator
    • 1050 Sequential Mixer
  • A new 1102 I/O Control virtual module not found in the original
  • A virtual version of the 3001 Keyboard also found in the original
  • Play notes using 16 keys on the computer keyboard and selecting octave with two additional keys
  • Audio input from any system sound input device selected in the Preferences
  • Audio output to any system sound output device selected in the Preferences
  • MIDI input from any MIDI input device connected to the computer and selected in the Preferences
  • Recognizes MIDI all note off, note off, note on, and control changes
  • Save pieces of audio directly to disk in WAV format by the press of a key
  • Setup is fully user configurable, so you choose what modules to use, and how many of each
  • Choose between two skins, Vintage and Black
  • Option to display tooltips for many controls
  • Use patch cables for even more connections than possible using the upper and lower matrix
  • Load requester to load new patches from disk
  • Save requester to save your own patches
  • Patches are stored as text-files in directories on disk, so they are very easy to manage with operating system tools
  • Zoomable user interface to easily go between a full overview and a detailed view of modules and controls
  • Studio quality 24bit/96kHz audio in and out (*)
  • Audio is easily sent to e.g. a software DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) using software such as "Soundflower for Mac"
  • The G2500 is easily controlled from e.g. a software DAW using the IAC Driver found in the MacOS "Audio MIDI Setup"
  • Five banks to store patches in memory, which is a benefit when creating new patches
  • Choose between Even Temperament and Bach-Lehman Temperament
  • Toggle bandlimiting on and off to stay below the Nyquist frequency (half the sample rate of 96kHz)
  • An optional post-filter for more smooth acoustic transients
ich kapier die bedienung auch nicht, installiert unter OS X 10.11.6: kein Menü, keine Einstellungen, Apfel + O für open geht, ansonsten? Irgendwo preferences?

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