by roger linn
midi wasn't part of the Linn Drum but here it has been retrofitted..

look at those ind. outs!..Linn Drum

s image thanks to Monty Rock
Linn Drum
click image to enlarge - image thanks to Monty Rock

Roger Linn invented this nice 8bit @28khz to 35kHz sample rate
dum machine which made lots of ppl happy.. more see AKAI/LINN
Akai MPC60

the first one..AKAI MPC2000 + MPC2000XL

filter module MFC42

AKAI mpc1000, 2500, 2000xl and other series..

Roger Linn made the Akai MPC series what they are now..
the first one is the mpc60:
akai mpc60
click image to enlarge - image thanks to Monty Rock

quite close to the z series samplers, but has no delay.. isn't that strange? and still no TR-type LED-sequencing like the electribes..

but it is a good alternative to the 2000 / 2000xl imo.. if oyu do not want delay..
more akai see AKAI/LINN SECTION...!!!
EMU Drumulator

12 Bit Drumcomputer

used by Front242 on "no comment" or Depeche Mode on "work hard" (a b-side)

it has 12 Drumsounds and 4 Pads. Of course all sounds can be used in a pattern but you need to re-assign the pads, thats very easy: hold the pad and press the desired drumsound. E-mu is the name that came from E-µ (mu / mü)

the model shown has a retrofitted roland din-sync, it's not standard ;)

but the individual outs are, some are cinch some are standard mono jacks.. i have no idea why they used cinch ;)

the sounds: to all who never listened to the "no comment" CD by Front 242 or DAF "fünfzehn neue DAF lieder": quite hard and ebm-like but also with punch from "below"..

Emu Drumulator

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of course the drumulator name came from the legandary emulator series, they did the Emulator 1, II , III, IV .. possibly the best known samplers ever..

MORE ON EMU go here


very popular in the 80ies.

analogue sounds from the simmons drum synthesizers, here: SDS800 and SDS200, both analog.triggered by pads or microphones..

proboably the most wanted was t he SDS V (the white one).. you rarely hear them today..

simmons drum syntheiszer SDS series
electro harmonix drm16
preset drummachine, very cute 1978 sounds..

PEARL syncussion..

EH drm16 + pearl syncussion
Cactus Desert Drums

very rare, I owned one of these in the 80ies, some kind of mixture but most of the sounds are digital samples that are burned on an eprom inside, it is modular, so you could insert the modules you wanted to.. the guy who owned it after me expaded it to full .. some parameters are adjustable and I triggered it by a TR808 those days..

cactus desert drums
click to enlarge cactus desert drums..
ever seen this?

memory rhythm SR88 - very roland'ish looking thing..

programmable /6x memory)

memory rhythm
Boss Dr.Rhythm DR-55

nice little one with 16 steps..

Rising Rhythmer

looks quite like a HiFi Set or an Amp? it is a preset drum machine, very electronic sounding, of course..

Rising Rhythmer

the DMX belongs to oberheims "x-system". one of those 12bit drummachines. the category is same as linn drum, drumtracks, drumulator etc..

there were 2 versions, the "stretch DX" (mid / above) and the (right / below) DMX

click to enlarge -->

Oberheim Drummachine Line DMX DX
oberheim dmx
above: the Oberheim prommer - 8bit sample based machines can be refilled with new samples on an EPROM with this..

below: MXR drum computer, the TOMs are quite FAT.. SD and BD are quite Linn and Oberheim - Style , same with the sequencer, works in realtime, too.

mxr drumcomputer
electro harmonics stuff and the BME rattlesnake , it's an exotic drum machine with also very electro sounding beats.. programmable.

(beside old fricke / mfb drum boxes)

bme rattlesnake drum computer
beside old fricke / mfb drum boxes..

the classic MFB Fricke Drum Machines

all in small white case

mfb 502 drumcomputer
fricke drummachines mfb
wurlitzer sideman

this comes (ehm CAME) with a speaker and it looks and feels quite mechanical.. the speakers got some charming sound.. very retro, of course..

wurlitzer sideman
Rhythm Ace or better Ace Tone

was the Name of pre-Roland Drum Boxes before 1972..

Rolands was founded 1972, after that the names changed to CR and TR (compurhythm and transistor rhythm...)

see more on this under Roland Drumcomputer Section..

above: Ace again...
well, it's made as a set top box for organs..
but sounds very CR'ish!

below: the CR Drumcomputers..
CR68 and CR78

the little one on the left is on of the first Roland Drum Boxes made..

Roland Drumcomputer
more Ace Machines..
sounding very much like the early CR.. made for organs and standalone beat boxes..
Rhythm Ace
Rhythm Ace FR22 - built in speakers, sounds cool..
Rhythm Ace FR22
The Ace 55 and a sensor touch activated add on model for organs..
Rhythm Ace 55
Rhythm Ace
Roland CR and Rhythm Ace Drum Machines
click to enlage TR66 and CR compurhythm boxes..

want to see the TR and CR drum machines?
go here: Roland

first pic: here you can see korg (below foreground)
background below: SCI - studio440, drumtraks, tom
above background: oberheim drum machines

the kr55 is here on the right..:
korg minipops models incl the "Jarre" one.. below
more korg see korg section..

did you know korg did drum machines, too? ;)
korg minipops drumcomputer
korg mnipops drum machines
getting more modern now.. Alesis DrumMachine from the mid 80ies with 16bit Drum Samples (a bit more than 40 Samples, the B Version was even more powerful "rockier" and used by the first us bands on the industrial side of life like mentallo and the fixer etc..
(right side) the other one is some sort of tb303 kind of synth fristman sq01.. (left)

more alesis..

Alesis HR16 Drummachine
Diamond Drumcomputer

very much like the minipops from korg, a preset machine.

Aria Diamond MP3 (like Korg Minipops 3 (Keio / Korg / Univox)

diamond drum machine
Novation Drumstation (virtual analog) simulates TR808 and TR909 but is is really the same? it's a va.. noavtion drumstation

the Yamaha RX series in general: RX5, RX7 and the small RX21 were rom-based drum machines for the "mass market".. the rx5 was the top model and for the time it was released (mid 80ies)

very cool for metallic beats.. industrial etc. (had one in the late 80ies/early 90ies)
.. the followup systems were the RM50 and RY drum machines (RY30 may be the most known one..)

yamaha rx5 drumcomputer

EKO Ritmo
Drum Machine
EKO ritmo drum box
HH Percussion Synth

digisound perc

star instruments synare 3: the one on the left (round with 2 OSCS)..

synare 3
the Vermona DRM1 drumcomputer

first german drum computer.. a bit TR808 like (sound)

above: FM-able drum module from simmons..

vermona DRM1 drumcomputer
click to enlarge Vermona drm1, a bit roland CR-like or Korg KR55.. Sound
TOP: here is a Coron RDS ,

= two DS7 in one box... (top rack)

very electronic / old school kind of sound..

there is a DIY version available on papareille

akai S5000 sampler