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  • Synth gatherings..

Swiss Synthesizer Meeting (Oct / jeden Oktober)

Happy Knobbing Modular Meeting Germany – modular meeting (happy knobbing) pics and videos are here.

Synthesizer Park cologne 1+2 pics

the modular synth events / modular meeting pics..

more analog synthesizers …

ForumNews..ask everything in the forum this is for help and discussion!
please do not email privately for tech,gear and synth questions!FIND NEWS HERE,ALSO!!
Moog (Modular)-MOOG MODULES..

the Moog modular Modular 55 & PPG Modular
how connect MOOGs to other CV synths?
(voltage to switched trigger interface DIY) herevery big closeup pics MOOG + PPG MODULES modular /
grosse portraits des ppg modular (moog modular compatibel)
moog 55 modular
mixed ppg & Moog modular (compatible: ppg did those modules as an alternative to the big moog modulars..)
(modded/modifizierter) Prodigy,
Moog 55 / PPG Modular (Film/Movie!)
MF102 Ringmodulator
Tests (hier!)/Audio — see this review / test for audio!!..Schaltplan / schematic:
Moog Source & Moog Liberation
includes:(interessanter(interesting Ringmodulator!)

MOOG MODULES (Modular) closeups

moog minimoog
MF102 und MF101 Moogerfooger Tests
Moog35/ PPG Modular (Film/Movie!) und mehr..
moogerfoogerone of the first VOYAGER owners‘ report (warning: strong affective binding to the product) here
polyfusion modularpolyfusion
French Synthesizers since 1970 by
Ruben & Serge Fernandez
find more infos and pics here
RSFRSF Kobol Synthesizer
KORG Korg MS series normal & „Rack“ed??.. Korg MS20/ MS50 Rack
Korg Polysix
and lots more..alternative ms20-type synths?
analogue vostok, the modular ms20 / ems aks? check analogue systems in the menu..
ms20 , ms50 , sq10
cwejman S1? the swedish better ms20?semi modular system from sweden.. check this..
Formant Modular (opened) + ICA modular..list of modulars, tips on modular synths/URLsFormant Modular

liste von verschiedenen modularsynthesizern und URLs und DIY links..
Modular SYNTH DIY-Projekt!!Der Modular-Synthesizer
der foruModular „selbstbau“-synth, den wir (EK und internes forum / thomas von anyware und moogulator (diese site!)) selber aufbauen, inzwischen gibt es einen funktionierenden prototypen ;)Der SELBSTBAU SYNTHESIZER Forumsynth aus dem Forum (Forumodular)
80 of them made: SIMPLESIZER, ein einfacher monophoner analoger zum gemeinsamen aufbauen!
fertig, bis aufs design ;) ! – nächstes/parallel laufendes projekt.. SIMPLESIZER!
HDB audio = Vermona
there are some older machines by TBS / MAM that are manufactured / developed by HDB / Vermona! such as the DRM1 / ADX (quite close to the drm1) and more..NEW SYNTHESIZER monopolyphonic , a bit like korg monopoly and oberheim 4 voice with very sophisticated FM capabilities!! the per4merFilter & Phaser (DAF1, PH16)
Audiodemo / Test/Review (deutsch!)
part (filters) of the „Mephisto“/Filter des „Mephisto“
review:Ringmodulator RM1
Vermona DRMmk2 Drumsynthesizer
Sounds&Test Test/Review (deutsch!)info..(all Analog Synthesizers here/pur analog hier!)!!
features MP3s of the „M.A.R.S“..hier/here!
(einer der ersten 5 Prototypen!)
Per4mer (perFOURmer)-
monopolyphonic synth with OSC&VCF-FM

perfourmer synthesizer
Analog Drumsynth DRM1 mk2 test & sounds
M.A.R.S Analogsynth mp3&info hier/here!btw:
Mephisto wirds NICHT geben..
aber der per4mer, ein MonoPoly / four-voice ähnlicherwelcher!
Mephisto will NOT come, but per4mer


find them all here from System 100 to V-Synth..(audio,review & pics), Test/Review zum SH101 hier!

info pics & infos (modification): Roland SH-5,
Roland Modulars 700,100

special:“Rob Acid“ Roland TB303

–>Roland Drumcomputer
TR series.. TR606,TR707,TR909, etc..

roland sh5
Roalnd SH5 one of Rolands all time cool sounding synths.. thanks to its BPF.. (track is in the roland section)..
TRICK: speed up an LFO to audio speed and use it on filter FM!! (jupiter 4 style) here!!Reviews und Audiodemos Roland SH101 (german review&mp3) hier!
the analogue CS series from to CS01-CS80
CS01, now with self-oscillating filters (modification), planned: ringmod!/subosc.
-RX drummachines (RX5) +
yamaha 02R mix
-FM synthesizers (english)
deutsch – hier: dx200 (deutsch/german), rs7000 (deutsch/german),
spx900 FX (deutsch/german)
yamaha cs01 - the CS series
Pro One
DSI evolver
– how to make your own sounds..
sixtrakDSI – Dave Smith Instrments
prophet synthesizers..DSI – Dave Smith Instrments
Evolver Series
Macbeth Studio Systems
really a minimoog?
M3X , M5
macbeth m3x
Auralesqueauralesque synthesizer
  • ARP Synthesizer odyssey
  • Rhodes Chroma
  • ARP 2600
    Marion Systems all real Oberheims they are all here!!….

    Oberheim Xpander
    Oberheim Matrix6 , Matrix 6R, Matrix1000
    access programmer
    Marion Systems MSR2 / ProSynth
    Oberheim Prommer – progging/burning sound for lots of the 80ies drum machines..!
    see pictures, a test, audiofiles, the opened Xpander movie and images, some tricks and more..
    (differences Matrix12 vs. Xpander)Kleine Bildergallerie/Info.und ein paar Daten.
    Film vom offenen Xpander!Audiodemo (mp3) und
    Patches unter Audio/Download/Patches!
    Xpander Test / Review

    wie funktioniert / what is SoftSync? Oberheim SEM Filter:
    siehe/see Andromeda A6 (click here)!
    oberheim ob mx <– OB MxOberheim Xpander
    DAS Analogschlachtschiff! / THE Analogue Flagship
    oberheim xpander
    Semtex2 VCOs + 2x Sub
    Noise, Ringmod
    syncable OSCs..
    morphable filter from lpf to hpf by CV..semtex by anyware.
    Semtex XL Synthesizer
  • sherman Filterbank!
  • sherman filterbank 2!
    sherman filterbank
  • DIVERSE / MISC integrator modular synth by
    analogue systems UK
    the rs-integrator and another british synthesiser (!)
    Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCarelka synthex
    siel opera 6 – 3 LFOs italian synth – ssm chips.Future Retro 777
    Technosaurus Selector modular system
    & Microcon II Octave Cat,

    russian Synth..

    also: studio electronics synthesizers

    cwejman? the swedish ms20?
    analogue vostok, the modular ms20 / ems aks? and the frostwave resonator has the ms20 filter section here

    future retro 777
    MFB – Fricke
    mfb synth & mfb synth lite ,
    mfb synth II
    32step drumcompupter mfb502
    mfb synthesizer & drumcomputer
    and new spectralis (or spectrolin) from radical technologies analogue filterbank synthesizer..
    radikal spectralis32track sequencer, 3 VCOs,FM,crossmod etc…
    radical spectralis
    new prototype!.. info is here
    Fairlight, Synclavier, Waldorf Wave, Yamaha VL1,
    Jellinghaus DX7 programmer..
    neuronal synthesizers, physical modeling.. hi-end systems..
    NED synclavier
    Sennheiser Vocoder
    vocoder page
    8bit sound
    C64 / elektron sidstationninetendo gameboy
    elektron sidstation - C64 sound synthesizer
    1020, Wavecomputer, etc..
    ->PPG 100 modularand of course the PPG wave series…ppg modular big system – here!
    ppg 1020
    Theiss Modular
    new modules & pricelist from Horst Theis! here now!
    neue preisliste und MODULE!!
    theiss modular  theis
    EMSVCS3 / Synthi A / AKSvideo synthesizer
    synthi E
    HiFliand more..
    ems vcs3 the putney
    Alesis Andromeda (A6)
    Real Analog Synthesizer
    about: the Oberheim SEM Filter, what is SoftSync? Was ist/Wie funktioniert Softsync? Oberheim SEM Filteruseful apps, tricks, how to determine the OS?, resetting the A6, the development of the A6,etc… moog modular vs. andromeda or: the andro has 904 and 921 modules inside..Alesis A6 / Andromeda
    trix: fetter / voller sound (ein programmiertrick)links zu A6 Sounds/Demos/Tricks/mp3’s
    (wie bekomme ich sehr schnelle LFOs,RAM Cards?, Processor speed?, welches OS is drin?, resetting A6,und mehr..)
    Was ist SOFT-SYNC? Infos zum Oberheim SEM Filter, Entwicklungsinfos..
    A6 only track? ConseQuence TRACK „future“ DOWNLOAD hier/here
    How does it work? Softsync and lots of Tricks, Randomizer App for MAC etc..
    hints & links..
    Ensoniq SQ80/ESQ1/ESQm-Tricks
    hyrid synth (the filters are analogue/OSCs: digital). english: here
    how is it done, the conseQuence CD „volition“ and the track to track transitions. some sort of wave sequences.. here: here
    ensoniq sq80
    eine Art Wavesequence (naja sowas ähnliches) mit nur einem Tastendruck
    Besonders in den Übergangstracks habe ich diesen SQ-Trick besonders viel eingesetzt.. wie sind die rhythmischen sounds gemacht die auf ConseQuencE! „volition“ CD sind? / wie funktioniert das technisch?

    deutsch hier: CONSEQUENCER

    BLACET Modular BLACET Module (Klangwerk, Filter und Time-Machine as mp3 from Olivier „Sägezahn“ Gerber
    .This is the Bacet Modules Final Filtre, Klangwerk and Timemachine..and Auralesque Semimodular Synth
    Blacet Modular …
    Blacet Modular only- btw: with self oscillating filters: do not expect the „filter“ sound here, it’s the oscillator in this demo..Es sind wirklich nur Blacet-Module. Das Selbstoszillierende FinalFiltre dient als „Oszillator“. (Also das mir keiner auf die ID kommt das man da einen Filtersound wirklich hört ;-))

    there is an extra Waldorf area in the DIGITAL Synth Menu..
    most waldorfs are digital!!..
    ok, the WALDORF Q+ is hydrid find out about it and the new OS3.5/and above here
    what Curtis or ssm or Motorola Chip / DSP do you find in what Synthesizer?welche Chips in welchem Synthesizer?
    (DSPs/ CEM / SSM)what / welcher DSP in what VA /in welchem VA-Synthesizer?.will ich sehen!! /hier – go there,now!
    microwave 1 warranty void :-)
    analog oder digital?hier findest du einen sound, der auf einer menge analoger, digitaler (und soft) -synthesizern reproduziert wurde zwecks Vergleich zu hören sind.. das ist auf der site von znarfelectronix „Spätzle“’s Site.. hingehen
    sequenzersequencerideen und mehr..english version..
    manufacturers URLs here:(davon viele auch hier zu finden) gibt es u.a. von /
    you can get modular synthesizers from these companies, lots of them listed here in the moogulatorium..: I listed the highlights..
    Analogue Systems, Blacet, Buchla, Cyndustries, Doepfer, Serge, Encore Electronics, Evenfall, Metasonix, Modcan, MOTM, OakleySounds, Paia,, Technosaurus, Wiard, Analogue Solutions.. here’s their URLs:
    find ALL URLs of modular analogue synthesizer manufacturers here!URLs von herstellern analoger modularer synthesizerpic: Emu Modular
    emu modular
    Emu Modular ..
    want more about Emus Modular?.. click on it..
    Vac TUBES filters, ringmodulators and VCOS..Metasonix
    DRUM MACHINES Legendary Drum Machines
    by Roger Linn & Emu Drumulator
    more drum machines..
    some drum dinosaurs: pearl syncussion & EH drm16 –>Roland Drumcomputer
    TR series.. TR606,TR707,TR909, etc..
    father of
    the LINN DRUM
    Linn Drum Machineand
    Akai MPC Series..
    akai mpc
    first there are jomox,they did the fab SUNSYN (audiodemos? here), that is an 8 voice real analogue synth of modern times. so it’s the hardest andromeda compatitor atm among the NEW real analog synths!
    it has even real analogue envelope genereators, and a special filter: you got four 6pole filters (hpf or lpf switchable!) every pole can be adjusted and „morphed“. 2 VCOs and 2 digital RCOs with some digital waveforms (atm no modulation of waveforms to make a wavetable scan like the waldorf or ppg synth do, but is planned)
    jomox sunsyn und alesis andromeda A6 im subjektiven vergleich „aus dem kopf“ zu lesen hier sunsyn vs. andromeda
    JOMOX Xbase 09 und airbase 99 hier
    airbase and jazbase have been sold out now – xbase went into the last 500pcs production to end that xbase / airbase line after that..the drumcomputers and analog sound modules for drumsounds are also very deep and good sounding ones with 16 step tr-style sequencer – you can chain some patterns for longer patterns – mine had some problems when you did not start at the first pattern in that chain, but it is better than others.. (exept the korg electribe, yes!!) .. (plus 3 mono-melodies). has 3 voice polyphony but you can program every step, so you can get an impression of having 16 different snares or bassdrums! one of the best features on the xbase 09 (german info/deutsche info zur Jomox Xbase 09 und airbase 99 hier). the sampled stuff (hihats and some typical stuff) can only played by ONE instrument at the same time! so this is a monophonic „sampler“.. dr.walker and some others did a special edition with airbase board inside with some individual samples inside.. well.. you can hear the hihats, but if you want to programm one of the other samples it is possible but not really priority on this machine.. but for the analog sound source: this is the best tr909 replacement one can get right now. airbase (the rack) and xbase audio herewant another very analogue drumsynth? the fricke mfb502 has very „vintage“ but good sounding cr78-kind of feeling.. imo with a bit more punch. built in sequencer. they also did some sort of the future retro 777 – a very small and good sounding synth (called the MFB-SYNTH and mfb synth lite! you will be exited by this little synth..)of course I should mention our Semtex synth module quite like a SEM (oberheim),with FM, sync, 2 subOSCs, etc..

    drumsynth? find the vermona drm2 test here (successor of the mam adx 1)! (german) but the sounddemos are free and no matter what language.. more the „new wave style of sound“..
    also find the vermona perFOURmer (per4mer) here, too.. (review and audio) very special synth!.. some sort of monopoly, 4 voice and semi-something-modular ;) think different here!! vermona is a former east german company (indeed it is the haller family).

    the only polyphonic east german (GDR) synthesizer was some sort of a korg poly61 clone. the 6voice 2VCO tiracon 6V, it had digital control quite like the poly61 and poly800 synthesizers from korg.
    the other one is the vermona synthesizer – with a moog ladder and one special feature (see m.a.r.s): glide per VCO (so any of those 2 VCOs could be set a separate glide time)

    not german, but: there is another fine small synth – not hear so far – no hands on so far.. dave smith’s evolver! monosynth with lots of envelopes and features close to the prophet VS..
    what is it?

    last but not least: the most and well known modular system manufacturer doepfer! possibly the largest offer of modules ever seen!

    eine kleine site für reparaturen und kleine sequencer.. hier

    from germany..
    NEW: Xbase 999 – has now full Set of 16 Instruments per Pad, Toms, BD;SDs from the xbase 09 and all instruments are polyphonic, the sequencer is still like the xbase 09 one, but „larger“ , and 5 external tracks can be controlled by the new xbase 999.
    it’s still all analogue exept the hihats etc, which are 8bit samples as you might thinkk ;)
    16 controls, endless encoders and still the very cool step programming for each instrument.. means: you can give each step another set of has a/b mode now, so it is 32steps each of max 128 patterns.. maybe you can still chain patterns together to have 64 or up to 99 steps as on the old xbase.. and replace the sounds via sample dump standard.. not perfect but far better than ever and maybe this features wasn’t meant to be used as the electribes „on the fly“ sample xchange..
    filter for ext. audio.
    this thing is going to be the real „new TR909“..
    jomox sunsyn

    the jomox sunsyn seems final now!!..
    well sounding machine..
    but will be cancelled soon in 2005 or something..sunsyn info / big picture (deutsch/german) HIER
    jomox xbase
    jomox : mbase , dr. walkers xbase edition and the jazbase..
    hier info in deutsch. //
    audio demos of TOKTOK xbase are here
    mehr über jomox drum maschinen und synthesizer
    more jomox drum sounds/drummachines hier / here

    experimental neuronal system
    sold for around 2500 – about 20pcs will be made..
    resonator neuronium
    more on this here: RESONATOR
    VIDEO – HEAR IT – follow the link: or click here
    and basic info on new synthesis product here

    new neuronium version.. click here..
    resonator neuronium
    more german synths..
    Waldorf, Hartmann
    Jomox (this site and more..Jomox Drums)
    + Jayemsonic, Neuronium
    MFB / fricke
    syntec / banana
    Boehm (Böhm)
    BME / Axiom

    Rüdiger Lorenz / Loran Synth.. (no pic here, unique DIY)
    and more.. most have their own section, use the menu (or click the links) to go there..

    Oszillatoren – Stimmstabilität – wie? was? wieso?info by jenzzder Silizium-PN-Sperrschichtübergang hat eine Durchbruchspannung um ca. 2mV pro Grad Celsius, aber auch Widerstände und Kondensatoren haben Temperaturdrift. zusammen genommen erfolgt dann drift. durch entsprechende Schaltungstechnik kann man diese Effekte reduzieren (z.B. durch ‚beheizte Transistoren‘ bei Moog).
    Normalerweise wird das mit einem Transisitorarray gemacht (dh: mehrere Tansistoren auf einem Chip zusammen), damit ist dann eine kleine Heizregelung aufgebaut. 1 Transistor dient als Temperaturfühler (2mV/°C!), damit wird ein weiterer Tansistor, welcher so beschaltet ist, daß er ein wenig Verlustleistung hat (= sich erwärmt), gesteuert. 2 weitere Transistoren sind als Differenzpäärchen verschaltet und bilden zusammen mit einem OP-Amp den Logarithmierer für den Oszillator. Dadurch, das alle Transistoren auf demselben Chip sind erwärmt sich alles gleichmäßig bzw. wird duch die Regelschaltung auf konstanter Temperatur gehalten.
    you like presets
    (original factory sound patches)?werksklang basis:
    I don’t! :)
    try it here:
    for „completeness“ I have the Xpander sound online here.. but well, i am not a supporter of using preset patches – I recommend using „init sound“ routine! trust me, it’s often the most unbiased way of making new sounds you can try to find lots of factory presets here
    einige werksklänge kannst du hier finden.
    deutsche testberichte
    für amazona by moogulator
    digitale und analoge geräte aller art
    effekte, synthesizer, recording equipment tests für amazona geschrieben habe
    NICHT der tests, die hier alle zu finden sind!..
    tests in keys (magazin)habe zzt keine liste, aber es gibt immer mal welche.. zB zum arturia moog V und cs80V oder zum analogue solutions spawn analog synthesizer etc.
    THE EGO BLABLAH:what the hell is a moogulator?
    Agent m00g (Agent moog?)
    this is
    it’s about analogue synths here.. this is the menu for the analogue synth section of (german) and (english)
    you really want a gear photo of my stuff that I use as conseQuence? or moogulator.. hmm.. this is not a museum of my ego it is a synth site!.. so I make no difference what synth are on this page and if I own them or not – I am sure you do not want to know about possession . but be sure it is not preset or sample CD -user – friendly …
    I will try to improve this section and update the synth infos as often as possible.. (so you will find lots more than just pictures here!!) and: moogulator or agent m00g is the pseudo for writing here and elsewhere (as a writer/author).. music from moogulator can be found
    here conseQuence here moogulator and here: dada-inn
    Welcher Synthesizer ist das?(analog vs. digital)?

    what synth is this?
    ein hör-rätsel
    (Hörprobe hier!) welcher synth mag das sein?a little riddle
    this is a maybe somewhat unexpected test for your analogue ears?
    synthesizer magazines:
    (remember those made of PAPER?)
    music + gear – english + deutsche magazine
    Synthesizer Museum
    analogue / vintage
    Synthesizer Links
    online „museum“..
    Modular Meeting „happy knobbing“ / germany

    – our first modular synth meeting
    –>> the Modular Pics.. the Gallery..

    videos + Pics by moogulator: video1 + video2

    more pics:
    by moogulator, jörg, haesslich , electronic-corp, happy
    video (by kreismeister)
    english + deutsch: review+pics by
    audio + pics collection: aliens project / bernie

    Happy Knobbing Modular Synthesizer Meeting 2006 – germany / FFM-OF
    Info Site Happy Knobbing Modular Meeting

    we are doing more meetings 2007, 2008.. find it here under „happy knobbing“: -> SYNTH MEETINGS



    more pics.. the gallery..

    Synthesizerpark – germany @ c/o pop Panoramahaus, Köln / rechtsrheinisch (Messegelände) Synthpark: Video (mp4) Impression at c/o popEröffnung / Opening c/o pop feat. Emil Schult (Joseph Beuys Schüler, Maler – he influenced Kraftwerk.. er beeinflusste Kraftwerks Texte, kleiner Vortrag von der c/o pop in deutsch/ little speech in german) ,Emil Schult part1, part II + nice beams etc.
    –>play Videos with VLC linux, apple os x, os 9 , windows , solaris etc..PANORAMAHAUSSynthesizerpark 200624.Aug. 2006 – cologne / Köln
    @c/o pop Konrad Adenauer Ufer

    more Pics and Videos..
    enlarge pic –> click it!

    MP4 10MB (play with VLC / Quicktime..):

    synthesizerpark2006 MP4


    more images.. / mehr bilder..

    Synthesizerpark @ c/o pop
    synthesizerpark cologne
    click upper pic to enlarge..Synthesizerpark 2007

    synthesizerpark @ panoramahaus
    von aussen.. „Liebe deine Stadt (love your home town / city)“

    synthesizerpark @ panoramahaus

    More Gatherings (the World)


    (add one if you like..)

    – Synth DIY UK

    – Dutch Synth Meeting

    – MEME Synth Meeting (Wiard/Serge etc..)

      Synth gathering US

    -AHNE 2005.. & AHNE 2005
    Analog Heaven 2nd Annual New England Meeting
    – AHNE (first meeting) – 2004
    ahne = analogue heaven northeast synthesizer meeting.
    AHNE 2006

    PNW 2006 & Sound Photo PNW
    (Annual Pacific Northwest Synth Meeting)

    AHBA (analogue heaven bay area)
    pics from:
    – 2006 fdiskc
    – 2006 redfish

    the SYNTHESIZER manufacturers and analog synth models on the right that can ALL be found in the – synth database..

    hersteller liste important manufacturers.. synthesizers & software
    – old section – pick manufacturer ..
    the older links (but old html version)Ableton Live
    Akai / MPC
    Analog.. (misc./diverse)
    Analog Vintage Synth II
    Analogue Solutions
    Analogue Systems
    Anyware Instruments /
    Bahn Sage
    Banana / syntec
    Bitshift Audio / Phatmatic
    Boehm (Dr.Böhm)
    Celemony Melodyne
    Chips CEM – Curtis
    CMI Fairlight
    Crumar / Bit – Mario Crucianelli
    CV+Gate + Trigger (analoge spg-steuerung) – (D)
    DIY (+Formant)
    DIY – Menu – Selbstbau
    DSI Dave Smith
    SCI Sequential Circuits
    DSP Chips
    Synth-Einsteiger.. (D)
    Electro Harmonix
    EDP Electronic Dream Plant
    Elka (Synthex)
    EML (electronic music lab) / Electrocomp
    Future Retro
    german synths / deutsche synthesizer..
    High & LowEnd Synthesizer
    schnelle Hüllkurven / fast envelopes
    italian synths.. Davolisint / GRS
    Jomox + Jayemsonic Neuronium
    Kawai (Teisco)
    schnelle LFOs / fast envelopes
    Marion Systems
    MFB Fricke
    Modularsysteme (D)
    Modular Hersteller / Modular synth manufacturers
    Moog Module
    Native Instruments
    NED Synclavier
    Oxford synthesiser company / OSCar
    Radikal (raditec)
    –> Synthesizer Main List.. <–Reparatur +Bauteile / repair / service
    Rhodes Chroma
    Roland Drumcomputer
    Powerbook (D)
    Rozzbox (LL electronics)

    Sampler (D)
    Sequential Circuits
    Sequencer – Sequenzer
    Simplesizer (Anyware / DIY)
    SSM Chips
    Studio Electronics
    Symbolic Sound – Kyma – Capybara
    Syntheseformen (D)
    Synthesizers dot com
    Synton (Syrinx)
    Teisco (Kawai)
    uk synthesiser section: edp,skywave,OSC,..
    Virsyn / Cube
    Workshops Synthesizer + Synthese (D)
    Vocoder (real analog list)

    no menu? this is „analog“ on .. restart menu click here

    •want a list of all real analogue polyphonic synthesizers?..

    ALL Analog (or ANALOG with Hybrid Parts) SYNTHS (there is a newer version if you use the synthDB..
    browse through Analog Synthesizers
    Drum Machines

    more info on ALL of these synths please go here:

    –> Synthesizer Main List.. <–

    continue.. Part II: and misc analogue synth section
    go to: (moogulatorium II) –> page 1 of 2 cont’ed.. –> Synthesizer Main List.. <–

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